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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Perfect Linux Desktop - 3 Contenders

Let's take a look of what I believe to be the top 3 possible alternatives to Windows 7 and also what would constitute a perfect Linux computer. These are in no particular order:

1. Linux Mint
2. Ubuntu
3. Zorin

Now there's been talk of the Linux Desktop for over ten years with nothing really coming to fruition. I took a drive last week to my local computer store to inquire about Linux. The sales associate correctly and politely replied, "you can download it."

So why is this so? As a Windows user, I see many reasons which I've mentioned before:
too many choices, no quality standard, hardware compatibility, Windows compatibility, bugs, hard to use, etc. Lately though, Linux has crossed the threshold from uber geek operating system to a more "main brain" or mainstream user friendly type of system. The 3 contenders seem to fit that category.

Since Windows 7 for me as been perfect I am using 7 as the quality standard at the risk of ticking off Linux users. I don't mean to, and please remember I enjoy using Linux! So, let's see what a perfect Linux Desktop is made of and keep in mind this is not a complete list:

1. Name - a new computer shopper who is unsure what to buy may be caught by a new name PC.

Zorin sounds somewhat unique, maybe exotic. Linux Mint sounds fresh, of course. Ubuntu sounds weird even though the meaning is lovely. To some, this may sound like a disease or some unusual plant in the Amazon forest. Ubuntu means "humanity towards others."

2. Looks - Zorin looks closest to Windows although Linux Mint and Ubuntu Unity are not difficult to learn and use.

3. Price - the international exchange rate may prove troublesome but a Linux Desktop should be priced lower than Windows or Mac.

4. Bugs - The perfect Linux Desktop should have zero bugs and ALL software should work out of the box. I expect nothing less from Windows 7. Now I know some of you have issues with this and I believe you but Win 7 for me has been perfect.

5. Support - Assume the new Linux/Windows users is completely stupid. I'm not being insulting, just market pragmatic - no one likes returning a PC from a new company.

That's it. If you can add more to this then please do so.

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