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Friday, August 5, 2011

From A Ubuntu Programmer.....

Here's a cool comment from the Ubuntu 11.04 VS. Windows 7 video:

".....Ubuntu will run considerably faster if fully installed or dual booted. Inside of that shell makes it run far slower.

In addition, you should mention that Ubuntu 11.04 also includes GNOME with it's basic install, it is a choosable option from the Login screen.

I am a Ubuntu programmer and just want to make sure that the system we work so hard to create gets all the credit due to it. We appreciate your opinions though!

Also, in Ubuntu 11.04 we have included a new welcome slideshow that plays beginning to end after a fresh installation of the system. It's a welcome for Windows users that is short, informative, and a bridge between Kernels.

Our goal with Ubuntu 11.04 is to create a brand new Linux GUI experience, no more Terminal, and no more .tar.gz packages. We are working on a new way to process .deb files to function like .exe and such. Soon Ubuntu will be 100% better than Windows =D." Cool!

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