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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Technology, social media and kids. Good or bad? I'm sure I speak for many parents when I say I didn't have all this stuff growing up. How about some air hockey or space invaders! I know, I know, a different world today and kids are exposed to this 24 hours a day. Can this benefit our kids? Maybe it's good and bad depending on how our children absorb all this information. I certainly have fond memories of my kid's first exposure to console gaming. I think I had more fun than he because I would act silly and make him laugh which of course made me feel good. But eventually there is a downside. Addiction. We certainly don't want our kids addicted to technology but I believe the potential danger exists. How would you react? What solutions are available? Do they work? Join me on a special Parents Podcast Invitation hosted by us, parents. PARENTS PODCAST INVITATION - TECHNOLOGY AND KIDS

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