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Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Digital Life: For Better or Worse

For better or worse we live in a digital society. We are surrounded by smart phones, gaming consoles, computer tablets, e-readers and even most new cars have some form of a digital dashboard. The question is: are we better off? GPS navigation is certainly very useful for not getting lost. A cell phone can come in handy in a sudden emergency and e-readers allow us to browse or read many books without carrying heavy hardbacks. We can probably agree these digital forms are useful. But, have you ever felt naked leaving home without your cell phone even if just walking to the store or just a short drive for groceries? You know what I mean. You sudden realize you forgot your phone and maybe start to panic. Well, it's not like no one else will have a phone if needed, right? Are you a texting or messaging addict? Does someone need to know everything you are doing all the time? Can you even function one day without a cell phone or some form of computer? We may be losing our social skills such as the ability to communicate one on one with live people or perhaps just a residue of quality family time is all we have not to mention kids stuck to a gaming console all day. Digital technology is a tool. Just remember we control tools and not vice-versa.

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