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Monday, June 3, 2013

Linux: Security Through Obscurity?

Is Linux inherently secure because it hasn't progressed as a mainstream desktop, laptop or tablet?

If the opposite were true would Windows be automatically secure?

For those of us who enjoy using Linux does it really matter?

I have noticed frequent comments on the same theme: obscurity.

This comment is from a viewer of the Total OS Today You Tube channel:

"The main reason why Windows is exploited so much is because Windows is much more popular than Linux distros. Security through obscurity is no security at all.
Hey, I mean 100,000 people getting into a bank safe will get in faster than 1 person getting at a bike lock."


  1. The file systems are completely different for a start. If a virus gets into a linux partition it will only damage a particular file, which can be repaired easily. Windows shares everything across it's many programs and a virus will spread like wildfire. Linux is popular and becoming more and more popular as people realise the true cost of running a windows box.

  2. I'm just gonna direct you to this article, although a few years old, still relevant. Of particular note is#5 on their list: