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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Surface RT Tablets Price Slashed!

As I predicted, Microsoft's Windows 8 tablets have dropped in price. The 32GB sells for 349.99 while the 64GB sells for 499.99. These 10.6 inch tablets are now competitive with Apple's 9.7 inch iPads. Windows 8 is touchscreen optimized but when the Surface tablets first appeared on the market most of the mass consumer market was priced out of buying these yet unproven technologies. They work fine of course and they look terrific. Unfortunately, both Google and Apple had already controlled the market with more affordable tablets such as the Nexus 7 and iPad Mini. Sure, these are smaller screens but Microsoft offered no alternative. Ultimately, the price had to drop. MS seems to suffer from bad timing. First came the failure of the Zune to gain traction even though I have one. That one was more about features than pricing. Then came the Windows Phone. A horrible name, in my opinion, for a smartphone. I think the "X Phone" would have grabbed more attention and made more sense since the Xbox is so successful. Now comes at least the temporary failure of the Surface tablet to wow the public. Companies like MS have to realize in order to succeed they have to create something in which other companies have to compete with them! I predicted the Google tablet would be a smash hit because now Google had something other companies didn't: a low priced reliable small screen tablet. Other companies had to compete with them and not vice versa. That said, check out the Surface RT tablets. They look terrific and you can play the new Halo game on them! Sold! Right now on Amazon some of these tablets are starting at 329.99! You can buy the Surface tablets here :

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